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Build the Foundation of Your Calling
Discover the Rewards of a IHIBII Degree

"We pride ourselves to be a trusted partner in learning." 


Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Ministry...

IHIBII offers more than just academic study. Students are given spiritual care and guidance. Our school is authorized by the state of Georgia to issue degrees and we are in the process of securing accreditation.  Alumni are involved in missions, church leadership and Christian education around the world.


Internationally Diverse Student and Leadership Opportunities... 

IHIBII reach is extensive. With long & short-term Mission Programs, we continue to equip and expose students to international ministry opportunities. IHIBII takes training across the globe with structured leadership curriculums and making a difference internationally in churches, government entities, and businesses.


We Are Here For You...

In His Image Bible Institute International (IHIBII) is a Christ-centered educational environment founded in 2012. Our curriculum offers training for personal Christian growth, lay ministry and career ministry. Regardless of race, nationality, sex, or religious belief, our classroom courses are offered to all in the evenings during Fall and Spring Semesters.  


Let Us Be Your Trusted Partner...

In His Image Bible Institute International is an institution of higher learning like no other.The joy of being a part of and a partner with IHIBII stems from the success of the students as they commence to enter a world that feasts on ability, knowledge, and complementary skill sets. Upon graduation from IHIBII, the graduate will be equipped for world experiences and impact change wherever his or her feet may trod.


Earn Your Degree Online...

Come pursue a quality education completely online with courses taught by experienced, trusted scholars at a price you can afford and in a way that meets your hectic lifestyle. Our online program may be the key ingredient to achieving your dreams. 


Enjoy Our Open Enrollment...

A student may enter IHIBII at the beginning of any semester. Courses may be audited or taken for grade credit. Students may also take Distance Learning courses at any time.

Spiritual formation is a deeply personal journey that involves the cultivation of one's inner life and connection with the divine. It's often associated with religious traditions but can also be pursued in a secular or philosophical context. At its core, spiritual formation seeks to nurture spiritual growth, maturity, and transformation. Here's an introductory breakdown: 1. Definition: Spiritual formation refers to the intentional process of growing in relationship with the divine or transcendent aspects of existence. It involves practices and disciplines aimed at deepening one's awareness, understanding, and experience of the sacred. 2. Key Elements:  Spiritual Practices: These are activities or disciplines that individuals engage in to foster spiritual growth. Examples include prayer, meditation, fasting, worship, study, and service.  Community: Spiritual formation often occurs within the context of community. Shared experiences, discussions, and support from others on similar paths can enrich the journey.  Reflection: Regular reflection on one's beliefs, experiences, and relationship with the divine is essential for spiritual growth. This can involve journaling, contemplation, or spiritual direction. 3. Goals:  Character Transformation: Spiritual formation aims at developing virtues and qualities such as love, compassion, humility, and wisdom.  Deepening Relationship with the Divine: Whether conceived of as God, the universe, or the sacred, spiritual formation seeks to foster a deeper connection with the transcendent. 4. Approaches:  Contemplative: Emphasizes silence, solitude, and meditation as pathways to encountering the divine.  Active Engagement: Focuses on service, social justice, and community involvement as expressions of spiritual growth.  Sacramental: Incorporates rituals, symbols, and sacraments as means of encountering the divine presence. 5. Integration with Daily Life: Spiritual formation isn't just about retreats or isolated spiritual experiences; it's about integrating spiritual practices and insights into everyday life. It involves seeing the sacred in the ordinary and living with a sense of purpose and meaning. 6. Challenges: Spiritual formation can be challenging, as it often involves confronting one's ego, biases, and attachments. It may also involve periods of doubt, questioning, and darkness on the spiritual journey. 7. Cultural and Religious Contexts: Spiritual formation takes different forms across cultures and religious traditions. While some may approach it through established religious practices, others may draw from a variety of spiritual traditions or pursue a more individualized path. Overall, spiritual formation is a lifelong journey of growth, discovery, and transformation, inviting individuals to explore the depths of their inner selves and their connection to something greater than themselves.

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