In His Image Bible Institute International Goals 


Goal 1: Enhance learning through the development of academic programs and delivery systems that meet the needs of a diverse and challenging student market.


Goal 2: Recruit and graduate a well-prepared student body representing a diverse ethnically, geographically, and socioeconomic background.


Goal 3: Inspire a vibrant transformational community that encourages social, intellectual, and spiritual growth as well as provide an intercultural experience with servant leadership.


Goal 4: Create a distinctive and appealing viral environment that supports and enhances greater recruitment, retention, and living climate.


Goal 5: Develop high tech and advanced technological communication.


Goal 6: Articulate the unique identity of IHIBII and enhance the reputation of the institute.


Goal 7: Develop relationships across the globe and generate resources that advance the mission and vision of IHIBII


Student Goals

IHIBII believes that the universal goal of education is to develop the total person – body, mind, socially, and professionally. Thus, the curriculum is designed to encourage and equip all students to grow spiritually, socially, intellectually, professionally, and physically.


Goal 1: Spiritually – to grow in faith and develop a distinctive Christian worldview, living by Christian virtues, and serving others.


Goal 2: Intellectually – to encourage students to think holistically, analytically, and critically, as well as communicate effectively and demonstrate competence in biblical studies, arts, sciences, and professional studies in which they major.


Goal 3: Socially – to seek and encourage students as well as respect and influence people of various cultures and live harmoniously in their communities.


Goal 4: Professionally – to seek and encourage students to equip and challenge themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a chosen career and eventually become useful, productive members of society.


Goal 5: Physically – to encourage students to be good stewards of their bodies and environment and pursue healthy lifestyles in their communities.



IHIBII Stated Goal is a general declaration of how we will accomplish our vision