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The Associate of Biblical Studies (A.B.S.) degree provides students with the core of what In His Image Bible Institute International (IHIBII) is all about. It is designed to equip students with a sound theological base for leadership, teaching and ministry within the local church, particularly related to volunteer or bi-vocational service. This is a two-year degree program.

Courses in the A.B.S. program are divided into four areas of concentration:

  • Biblical and Theological studies (23 semester hours)

  • Ministry studies (12 semester hours)

  • General Education Studies (18 semester hours)

  • Open Electives (7 semester hours)

Students choose the A.B.S. degree as an entrance into higher education. The degree can be a stepping stone to a bachelor's degree. It is also chosen by those who desire a basic biblical education to supplement education in another field. Often those desiring to serve on the mission field receive their biblical training in the context of an A.B.S. degree while they pursue another field of study, such as accounting or nursing, in a different educational environment. Outside of the classroom, the degree program requires Practical Christian Ministry assignments each semester.
The Biblical Studies Department equips students to use their gifts and knowledge in many ways. Some examples of possible career options are:


  • Pastor, Associate Pastor, Christian Education Director, Youth Pastor, Women’s Ministry Director, Bible Teacher, Bible Researcher, Missionary, Church Planter, Christian Service Organization Employee, Christian School Administrator, Chaplain, Relief Worker, Pastoral Counselor and Christian Camping Director.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize historical geography and relevant ancient cultural contexts in the interpretation of the Old and                  New Testaments

  • Evaluate modern cultural trends

  • Summarize the story of the Old and New Testament Scriptures

  • Compose written research works

Bible/Theology – 15 credit hours (5 courses)
Bi 105 Pentateuch
Bi 111 Life of Christ
Bi 108 Old Testament Survey
Th 200 Prolegomena
Th 210 Bibliology
Bible/Theology Electives – 12 Credits (4 Courses)
Choose any four courses with Bi or Th prefix
See list of electives below
General Studies – 21 credits (7 courses)
ATh  Success for Life and Ministry
E 101 English Grammar (Prereq: E 101)
E 102 English Composition
Math 098 Basic Concepts of Mathematics
SS 112 Interpersonal Cross-cultural Comm.
Sc 260 Basic Computers/Word Processing OR
Sc 270 Advanced Computers Applications
Sc 366 Principles of Science
General Electives – 12 credits (4 courses)
Choose 6 elective courses from any area
See your Academic Adviser for assistance in selecting your electives

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