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In His  Bible Institute International was founded with a commitment to blend the Word of God with the power of the Holy Spirit. My personal association with IHIBII has allowed me to become involved in the lives of numerous students who have impacted their generation for Christ. Many of our graduates have planted churches, labored on the mission field, served in staff positions at their church, or taught in one of the many venues of Christian service


When young leaders arrive with fresh vision to reach their generation, our job is to install sound biblical instruction, while continuously fueling their flame! In addition to the younger generation, many of our students are midway in life, now feeling the call to tool up for the years ahead; perhaps a second career in ministry awaits them. We also believe that God is calling His Church into a fresh worldwide revival, requiring a vast supply of workers for the awaiting harvest. However God chooses to call our students, either into churches, businesses, missions, or home Bible studies—our goal is to teach them to live out God’s word, while being equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit. 

IHIBII has served the needs of students from hundreds of churches and various denominations. We also serve a growing network of “distance” students located throughout the United States.  Our faculty brings to the table well over 100 years of pastoral experience, along with a strong academic grounding. If you are considering entering into a systematic study of Scripture, you will find IHIBII affordable, aligned with today’s culture, doctrinally supportive of the Spirit, and rich in biblical revelation.

Reverend Dr. Warren Dillon

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