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In 2012 a group of Christian brothers and sisters got together to discuss creating a Bible Institute. The purpose being to create a solid Christian-based institution for our young men and women; to learn and to practice living the Word of God. Secondly, to have a standard of excellence whereby the institution would be recognized by an Accredited Agency.  

This meeting was held at In His Image Ministry, 630 Kurt Drive Marietta, Georgia 30008, July 2012.  The following people were present; Dr. Warren Dillon, Dr. William Ekane, Dr. Larry Purvis, Ms. Shaina (Dillon) Thompson, Rev. Leonard Ford, Ms. Alexsus Thomas.  The board agreed to form In His Image Bible Institution International, and to file with the State of Georgia for Incorporation.  It was agreed to have classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We also agreed to offer online and correspondent courses.  


In His Image Bible institute International held it's first class on September 9, 2013. These are the first classes that were offered: The Book of Ezra, Angelology, The Book of James,  First, Second and Third John, The Church and It's Doctrines, Old Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey.  During the Winter Semester of 2014 there were 10 students enrolled. In 2015, I.H.I.B.I.I. celebrated it's 1st  Graduation where two students received a Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree. One student received an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies, and several student received a Certificate in Biblical Studies. 


In January 2018, new members were added to the Board of Directors and also an Advisory Board was created. Mr. James Dodd was elected Chairman of the Board, Ms. Marva Dawkins was elected  Treasurer, Mr. Patrick Miller, Dr. Army Lester, Rev. A. L. Zollicoffer, Mrs. Aleen Dillon, Dr. L. Mitchell, Dr. M. A. Rhett, and Dr. A. Williams.  I.H.I.B.I.I. appointed the following individuals to the new Advisory Board; Mr. C. Parker, Dr. Brient Martin, Ms. F. Wheeler, Ms. Fran Wells, Ms. Latunya Dial, Mr. Ricky Dickens, and Ms. Tai Johnson.

In February of 2018, I.H.I.B.I.I. had a Preliminary Staff Consultation visit from the Association for Biblical Higher Education (A.B.H.E). The primary purpose of the visit was to review the institutions current status in satisfying the A.B.H.E Conditions of Eligibility for Applicant Status and advise the institution concerning the path to Accreditation with A.B.H.E. 


In November 2018, I.H.I.B.I.I. was granted Applicant Status with A.B.H.E.  I trust this in the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that He will show us tremendous favor in accomplishing the goals of I.H.I.B.I.I.

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