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Students enrolled for the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program will pursue the listed concentrations, Bible and Theology. Students desiring to pursue a more academic approach moving towards earning a Master of Divinity degree, Doctor of Ministry or teaching may be more likely to purse the Bible of Theology program. It is highly suggested that all applicants/students meet with a program advisor to determine which track is best suited for their desired outcome.


Student Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate knowledge, appreciation, and proper interpretation of the inerrant Word of God.

  • Define and defend his or her own faith from a theologically conservative, evangelical worldview.

  • Articulate the major tenets of various theological systems.

  • Serve effectively in ministry or marketplace vocations through biblical thinking, interpretation, and application.

Bible/Theology – 27 credit hours (9 courses)
Bi 105 Pentateuch
Bi 111 Life of Christ
Bi 108 Old Testament Survey
Th 200 Prolegomena
Th 210 Bibliology
Th 307 Hermeneutics
Th 300 Theology Proper
Bi 116 New Testament Survey
Th 325 Apologetics
General Studies – 33 credit hours (11 courses)
Ed 101 English Grammar
Ed 102 English Composition (Prereq: E 101)
Sp 107 Effective Oral Communication
SS 112 Interpersonal Cross-cultural Comm.
Math 098 Basic Concepts of Mathematics
Hist 228 Survey of American History
Hist 253 Survey of World History
Sc 260   Basic Computers/Word Processing OR
Sc 270  Advanced Computer Applications
Ed 351  Literature of the Western World (Prereq: E 101 & E 102)
Sc 366 Principles of Science
Hist 414 Church History

Core Courses – 27 credit hours (9 courses)
LS 101 Developing the Healthy Leader
ATh 115 Success for Life and Ministry
ATh 205 Principles of Spiritual Growth
ATh 248 Urban Evangelism
Ed 216 Introduction to Christian Education
Ss 225 Marriage and Family
Ls 427 Principles of Organizational Admin
Mi 435 Contextualization of the Gospel
ATh 473 Internship: Religious Studies

General Electives – 12 credit hours (4 courses)
Choose 5 courses from any area
Bible and Theology Track

Communication – 6 credit hours (2 course)
Choose any 2 Biblical language course
(Either Greek I & II or Hebrew I & II)

Bible/Theology Electives 15 credit hours (5 elective courses)
Choose any seven courses with Bi, Th, SS,Ph prefix or Biblical Language

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