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In His Image Bible Institute International Student Government Association was established April 12, 2023. SGA is the executive committee of the student body and has general charge of student activities on campus. Its members are elected by the student body. The 2023 -2024 SGA is composed of an Advisor, Dr. Brien Martin, 4 officers, President - Rose Burt, Vice President - Tony Garrett, Treasurer - Rickey Dickens, and Secretary - Olga Hill. IHIBII SGA seeks to develop the spiritual, social, and intellectual aspects of the whole person as we strive to be better in our service and leadership, in our families, communities, marketplace, and globally. In doing so, it promotes spiritual growth, cooperation, and goodwill on the campus. Included in the responsibilities of SGA are campus spiritual emphasis, and study groups, and campus social and intramural events.

IHIBII SGA has had a great start as we, first and foremost informed the student body that they are part of the IHIBII family, and we welcomed their opinions, concerns, and ideas. SGA implemented a new process of communication for the STUDENT BODY VOICES TO BE HEARD. Our hope is that their time as a scholar/student at In His Image Bible Institute International is as enjoyable as possible.

  • An email account has been established for the student body to submit their opinions, concerns, and ideas to be noted.

  • A Suggestion Box has also been placed in the lobby of IHIBII for submissions.


  • The SGA and student body joined together in serving our fellow scholars/students with hosting the 2023 Commencement Ceremony held at In His Image Christian Church, Marietta, GA., April 28, 2023.

  • SGA Fundraiser - Selling of IHIBII 1st Annual "JAMBOREE 2023" T-Shirts

  • SGA brought the entire student body and faculty together to celebrate the ending of IHIBII summer session and the beginning of the Fall session of 2023 by hosting a student and faculty "JAMBOREE 2023".  This event was held on the Zoom platform, all in attendances brought their favorite snack/food to munch on during the program. All in attendance wore their "JAMBOREE 2023 T-Shirt. The JAMBOREE line-up was fun and exciting. We had prayer, words of encouragement, the renowned Babbie Mason and Kelley Harleman blessed us with song, professor and student engaged us with Bible Trivia. A Certificate of Appreciation and a monetary gift card was presented to one of IHIBII Professors for their dedication and service. And the closing remarks was given by the President of IHIBII, Dr. Warren Dillon and wife, Aleen Hardin-Dillon. It was an evening of Faith, Fun, Food and Fellowship!

SGA OFFICERS 2023 -2024

SGA Advisor - Dr. Brien Martin


President – Rose Burt


Vice President - Tony Garrett


Treasurer – Deacon Ricky Dickens


Secretary – Olga Hill


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