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The goal of the scholarship program at In His Image Bible Institute is to provide funds to students whose heart for God, long-term commitment to ministry, academic performance, and financial need warrant assistance from the College. Students who receive scholarship funds from IHIBII should compel the College to invest in their lives. We believe strongly in the personal responsibility of each student to plan for and be able to pay the cost of choosing to be a student. Further, we believe that graduates should not be hindered from fulfilling the ministry to which God has called them because of the burden of college debts; therefore, IHIBII is committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost. Since IHIBII's tuition only covers a portion of its operating expenses, this education is possible because God has placed generosity in the hearts of individuals, churches, and alumni who believe in the eternal value of Bible college education. These people are passing on a trust to our students because they expect God to do great things through them.

In His Image Bible Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national/ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, or other school-administered programs.

Walter Lee Hardin Sr. Scholarship

The children of Walter Hardin Sr. established this scholarship to honor their father who had a heart for Christian education and the impact IHIBII graduates have in their local communities.  This scholarship is available to the sophomore student who is currently active in a ministry and pursuing a four-year degree.  The student must also demonstrate financial need and maintain minimum academic requirements. To be considered for this scholarship, a completed IHIBII Comprehensive Scholarship Application is due February 15. 


Faith Based Church Endorsement Scholarship

IHI has committed to this scholarship by paying one third of the student’s tuition if the student’s sponsoring church will match with one third of the student's tuition. The student is responsible for the final one third of the student's tuition.


Work Study

A few campus jobs are available at IHI. Students may apply for a campus job in trade for a partial student discount. Campus jobs and related discounts change each semester. Enrolled students are encouraged to speak with the Financial Aid office for a current listing of jobs. The work study may not be offered every semester due to current needs on campus.


Introduction to IHI Scholarship

IHI offers free courses to selected groups who are active in local churches. Selected groups are encouraged to take their first course for free. When the person takes a second course, the course is offered at half price. Scholarships groups are offered in a rotating schedule.


2023: Summer Semester

Youth Ministers


2023: Fall Semester

Pastor’s Wives

Sunday School Teachers

2024: Winter Semester

Children’s Ministry Workers


2024: Summer Semester

Worship Leaders

Mothers within the Church


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